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Good ideas are always welcome, especially in a city like Berlin. The population of Berlin is growing at a rate of 50,000 inhabitants every year and this provides countless opportunities for people and markets. The real estate market is no exception and we, as professional consultants and planners with a proven industry track-record, are uniquely positioned to fully realize the development potential, increase the aesthetics and maximise the value of real estate in Berlin.

Our plus for investors: We know Berlin and understand its property market from an architectural perspective.

Properties in Berlin – whether residential or investment – are currently very affordable. When deciding how best to develop your property it’s vital to have an experienced architect on your side and that’s where we come in. We’ll be there to help you through the necessary dealings with notaries, contracts and lawyers providing expert guidance and peace of mind throughout the whole process.

As architects it’s not only an eye for aesthetics we have, but also extensive expertise in recognising and maximizing the commercial potential of a property. This enables us to provide you with the most accurate information as to the expected return on your investment.

With our optimization strategies, we show you how to make even the simplest property far more profitable. It’s not only Berlin that is growing. The market for investment property is growing too. Once you see the figures you’ll be convinced.

About us

For investors or home-builders we are not only architects but a long-term consultant and partner. Our passion for architecture, experience in planning, expertise in construction management and diligence in project delivery is second to none. We look forward to talking to you!



We Know Berlin

As architects in Berlin we know the real estate market and will realize your project according to your budget and vision. Designing the right property is the foundation for creating a profitable property. Why not bring together what belongs together? Exactly.



Architecture Plus!

We live for architecture but we know from experience that in the realization of a vision many other related areas can have an influence. Therefore, during the development process, we create all designs and plans with a view to making optimum use of the opportunities available to your property. That’s our plus.


Reliable Network

Over the years we have built up a wealth of experience around the purchase, expansion, construction and conversion of properties. We also have a raft of experience in consultancy, maintenance, modernization and administration services. Benefit from our knowledge as architects and our large network of professional contacts.




Making the right property choice is essential in order to provide a firm foundation for your future. We’re here to help you! We provide comprehensive advice and support, including quotations, throughout the entire process. From the first considerations prior to purchase right through to subsequent modernization and development after many years. We are there.

  • Property search & viewings
  • Surveying & cost estimates
  • Calculations
  • Concepts for development potential
  • Financial planning
  • Project management
  • Concept studies


Our signature is strong, beautiful architecture. From the basic evaluation and planning of construction projects through to property management, we are the right architect for a long-term partnership.

  • Planning and construction supervision
  • Cost control
  • Visualizations
  • Network of expert planners
  • More than 100 references
  • Transparent documentation
  • Auditing


Around a property there are many things to be done. In order to keep the effort to a minimum on your part we work with a large network of trusted professionals who are experts in a wide range of property services.

  • Valuations
  • Creation of exposés
  • Property sales
  • Contracts
  • Property management (We offer a full range of services)
  • Maintenance, renovation, modernization


Your name, contact details and a short message are all we need – just fill in our contact form to get started. We’ll take care of your request and get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

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